Our history


It all started with our great grandfather Giuseppe.

At the beginning of the twentieth century Giuseppe was a young farmer in search of fortune. Immediately after World War he decided to go off on his own to find it. Leaving his home in Rosarno, land of ancient Medma, he embarked for the United States of America. His American adventure was successful. After a few years he was able to return to Rosarno in Italy and buy some land. He used the lands first for grazing, and in 1935 transformed them into orange groves.
This is how the history of our family business begins.



After World War II, Giuseppe’s son, Pasquale, got married, and in an economy deeply linked to the land, when children got married, parents gave them land for farming, so they could make a living for themselves.
Giuseppe and Pasquale cultivated their land together, and continued to make it flourish with dedication and passion for the land that had now taken root in their hearts.

Pasquale, with this passion and thanks to his father’s teachings continues the company and makes it grow. In 1974 he decided to experiment with new cultivars, very much in demand at that time. He concentrated on the cultivation of navel oranges, which had a sweet and intense flavor.


Because of the great demand for them in the second half of the 70s, Alberto’s son Pasquale decided to expand the company. He bought more land and started on these crops that his grandfather and father had already tested, with excellent results.

He never got tired of growing. In the early 90’s Alberto decided to experiment again by varying the production. For some years the cultivation of kiwi. Thanks to the favorable climate in Calabria and land suited to this type of cultivar, he began to produce a very high quality kiwi and dedicated land to growing it.

He was not satisfied with a great product, however. He felt that a more important and radical step should be taken: he believed it was vital to maintain the authenticity of the products in a globalized world that did not really care about quality anymore. His grandfather Giuseppe’s dream of producing wholesome foods continued to live on when the entire production became organic. It has been an important choice for us, one which our company strongly supports. Going organic, in fact, is the most significant step forward in quality in all the cultivation process.