Our territory: Medma

Medma, the ancient Greek colony of Locri was founded in the sixth century BC. It was in a rich and fertile land, in the heart of Chora, where the Rosarno Plain is now. The city extended outwards on the magnificent Pian delle Vigne, not far from the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The Locrians colonized Medma for the political and economic advantages it presented. With the conquest of the wide Medmea plain, they had an area of significant strategic importance. They now had passage to and from the Tyrrhenian Sea, securing maritime trade routes to the north.

In Roman times, the city state was progressively losing importance. Not much is known of that time, despite archaeological discoveries attesting with certainty the survival of a civilization.

Today, continuing this territory’s long history, the city of Rosarno is developing, where the richness of the soil and a perfect microclimate allow the production of extraordinary tasting fruit.